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(Very) Fast Entry of Purchase Orders for
SAP Business


Crea­ting Ma­nu­al Purcha­se Or­ders is la­bo­rious

When you crea­te a Ma­nu­al Purcha­se Or­der in SAP Busi­ness By­De­sign so­me in­for­ma­ti­on must be main­tai­ned for every li­ne item, even if they are iden­ti­cal. Red­un­dant in­for­ma­ti­on (e.g. Ac­count As­sign­ment, Ship-to-Adress etc.) must be ma­nu­al po­pu­la­ted li­ne by line.

Solution: (Very) Fast Entry of Purchase Orders for SAP ByD

  • Re­du­ce your ma­nu­al ef­fort to crea­te Ma­nu­al Purcha­se Or­ders dramatically.

  • Speed up your pro­cu­re­ment process.

  • In­crease the qua­li­ty of the Purcha­se Orders.

  • Avo­id ef­fort in the fol­lo­wing pro­cess steps to cla­ri­fy ex­cemp­ti­ons for Goods Re­cei­ve­ment and Sup­pli­er Invoicing.

  • Use an ea­sy-to-use Upload-File wi­th mo­re than 30 Purcha­se Or­der li­ne items* (li­mi­ta­ti­on of the Stan­dard-ByD Upload File).

Solution in Detail 1

  • The ad­don pro­vi­des an ad­di­tio­nal Tab, which in­te­gra­tes seam­less in­to the Work Cen­ter „Purcha­se Re­quests and Purcha­se Orders“:
  • In this tab sa­me in­for­ma­ti­on must be main­tai­ned on­ly on­ce on Hea­der Level:
  • De­li­very Start Date
  • Pro­cess Ty­pe (sup­port­ed is: Non-Stock, Third-Par­ty, To-Stock)
  • Ship-To/ Ser­vice Lo­ca­ti­on (nee­ded for Non-Stock and To-Stock)
  • Ac­count As­sign­ment Typ (sup­port­ed is: Cost Cen­ter, Cus­to­mer Con­tract, Pro­ject Task and Sa­les Order)
  • Cus­to­mer (nee­ded for Drop-Ship)

Solution in Detail 2


  • Out-of-the-Box So­lu­ti­on. No Con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on needed.
  • Seam­less in­te­gra­ti­on to Work Cen­ter „Purcha­se Re­quests and Purcha­se Orders“.
  • In­tui­tiv and ea­sy to use. No trai­ning needed.
  • Co­vers all Pro­cess Ty­pes and Ac­count As­sign­ment Types.
  • Ful­ly in­te­gra­ted in­to the Stan­dard ByD Pro­cu­re­ment Process.
  • Can be com­bi­ned wi­th an in­cluded ea­sy-to-use im­pro­ves File Upload.

What is the difference?

Creation of Purchase Order


Work Cen­ter „Purcha­se
Re­quest and Order“

Re­sult (Le­gend):
- Bad
o Neu­tral
+ Good

ByD Standard Upload
via XML-File

• Li­mi­t­ed to 30 Li­ne Items
• Com­plex upload file
• Upload func­tion­a­li­ty out of
the Box

ByD Stan­dard – no ch­an­ge
High ef­fort

File Upload of Purcha­se Or­der
Ma­nu­al -

ByD RPA Bot Upload
Purchase Order

• No Li­mits for Li­ne Items*
• Com­plex upload file
• Upload func­tion­a­li­ty must
be set up ma­nu­al­ly
• RPA Li­cen­se needed

ByD Stan­dard – no ch­an­ge
High ef­fort

Upload o
Ma­nu­al Ent­ry of Purcha­se Order

IBIS Fast Upload of
Purchase Orders

• No Li­mits for Li­ne Items*
• Simp­le upload file
• Upload func­tion­a­li­ty out of
the Box
• IBIS Flat Ra­te (1 time

ByD Im­pro­ve­ment
Low ef­fort

Upload o
Ma­nu­al -

Creating manual Purchase Orders is laborious….but there is help available!


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What our customers say

Our co­ope­ra­ti­on wi­th IBIS Busi­ness Con­sul­ting was a big suc­cess. From pro­ject start to Go-Live we we­re ex­ci­ted about high ex­per­ti­se and gre­at sup­port from the IBIS team. For fu­ture im­ple­men­ta­ti­ons we re­ly on sup­port from IBIS Busi­ness Consulting.“

Edu­ard Mar­kus, Team Lead SAP Cloud So­lu­ti­ons, UVEX WIN­TER HOL­DING GmbH & Co. KG



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